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Unplanned Hiatus Ending Soon by Pokemontrainergigi
August 6th, 2017, 2:28 pm
Hello everyone!

First off, I'm incredibly sorry about the massive unplanned hiatus that just occurred. Life got busy and looking for a job took precedence. I still don't have a job, but am now in a position to continue posting soon. There won't be a set schedule of updates, it will just be whenever I can. I've had the next fusion for the Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project half done for over a month now, so that should be the first update to look out for.

I have no excuse for not relaying updates on my situation to you all. In all honesty, time just slipped away from me and before I knew it almost two months have gone by. My apologies again on the lack of communication from me.

Understandably, support on Patreon has dropped below levels that removed ads. I'll be readding those to my sites down the line, since I need the revenue.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around and my sincerest apologies to those who left.
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DaveTheSmeargle August 7th, 2017, 5:00 pm
Don't sweat it! Life happens! Just don't over work yourself!