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Mewtwo is a cat

March 2nd, 2015, 9:31 pm
Fluffy kitty C:
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From the Author
Pokemontrainergigi March 2nd, 2015, 9:31 pm
Drew a silly Mewtwo If you take anything away from this, it's that Mewtwo is a dick to plants.
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catfire13 March 2nd, 2015, 10:09 pm
Pokemontrainergigi March 4th, 2015, 9:33 am
@catfire13: Meow!
Zelkova March 3rd, 2015, 4:39 am
Used a ref for the 2nd one? I kinda want to say that isn't a possible pose but cats are freaky, they can look like they have broken spines and yet be oddly comfortable.
Pokemontrainergigi March 4th, 2015, 9:35 am
@Zelkova: Cats are silly XD And yes I did. Cats do sleep in the weirdest poses sometimes I'm not sure how they can fall asleep like that, much less find it comfortable XD
Takai March 3rd, 2015, 8:58 am
@Pokemontrainergigi: poison plants you mean :P
Pokemontrainergigi March 4th, 2015, 9:36 am
@Takai: Hmmmmmmmm?